Aquaponics Project

who are we?

We are Cooperar Peru, a non-profit
organization that works with children of rural communities in Cusco, Peru. We
prosecute children’s centers, where the kids can come after school. 

In those centers, we teach English, play games, and overall take care of
the children while their parents are working or focusing on their education.



In our community of Huaypo, close to Cusco, one of the biggest problems for the children is malnutrition, as farmers out here are mainly growing corn, quinoa, and potatoes.

To provide the community with healthier food and teach the farmers about the possibility of modern agricultural systems we are currently constructing a solar-powered Deep water culture aquaponics farm in Huaypo.

Fundraiser Video

We are currently collecting money for the construction of the system. The amount of money we need to build the system and sustain it for the first 6 Months until we can start harvesting is 5000$.
We collect the money via Gofundme and Startnext we need any help we can get. Here you can make a direct impact and see exactly where your money goes to.

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What is Aquaponics

Aquaponics combines aquaculture (growing fish in a tank) with hydroponics (growing vegetables or leafy greens in nutrient solution instead of on soil). In aquaponics, those two systems are connected to each other so they create a closed cycle in which the fish waste fertilizes the plants while the plants clean the water for the fish. This uses about 90% less water than convertional agriculture and allows for approximately 8 times more harvest.

If you need any more information on the project contact us via email.

Of course, we will keep all our supporters updated on what we are currently doing and where the money goes to.


Victor von Frantzky,

Environmental engineering