Aquaponics Project

who we are ?

We are Cooperar Peru, a non-profit organization working with children in rural communities in Cusco, Peru. We run children's centers, where children can come after school.

At these centers, we teach English, play games and look after the children while their parents work.



In the community of Huaypo, near Cusco, one of the children's biggest problems is malnutrition, as farmers here grow mainly corn, quinoa and potatoes.

To provide the community with healthier food and teach farmers modern farming systems, we are currently building an aquaponic farm in Huaypo. We use solar-powered deep-water cultivation.

Fundraiser Video

We are currently raising money to build the system. The amount we need to build the system and maintain it, for the next 6 months until we can start collecting, is $5,000.

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What is aquaponics?


Aquaponics combines aquaculture (raising fish in a tank) and hydroponics (growing vegetables in a nutrient solution rather than on soil). In aquaponics, these two systems are linked to create a closed cycle in which fish waste fertilizes the plants, while the plants clean the water for the fish. This system uses around 90% less water than conventional agriculture, and yields around 8 times the harvest.

If you need more information about the project, please contact us by e-mail.

Of course, we'll keep all our supporters informed of what we're doing and where the money is going.


Nina Caccialupi,