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Born in a disadvantaged area, the child of a large family, little Eduardo always dreamed of doing things differently. Born into an underprivileged family, he lived in a remote mountain village and began working at the age of 5 to help his ailing mother. From an early age, he understood that the world was unfair, full of inequalities. Why did he and his siblings have to work and the other children have to play? He experienced discrimination and injustice, rubbed shoulders with street violence, and had to flee his village with his family because of terrorism. Despite all this, deep down he always knew who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do in life: help others. He never shied away from the challenges life threw at him, and always kept his head held high. Thanks to this strength of character, he was able to move forward and keep his motivations in mind: help others, more specifically children in need, as he was able to do. Eduardo then founded the world of CooperarPeru, a world full of colors and smiles, where all children can be happy doing what they love most. Thanks to him and his team, hundreds of children can access education and socialize with people from other areas, so they can interact with people from other cultures and languages.

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COORDINATOR a major role

COORDINATOR a major role

The coordinator's role is paramount in the organization of the project. He is considered Eduardo's right-hand man, and his involvement is fundamentally linked to his mission. His or her role is multi-faceted: he or she must ensure a good distribution of work within the team and maintain cohesion between all the volunteers. He/she is also the one who welcomes, informs and integrates new volunteers into the rest of the team: he/she creates and maintains the link. That's why it's important to have a good grounding in Spanish, English and/or French to be able to communicate easily with the whole group. Unlike volunteers, some of whom only stay for a few weeks, the coordinator's role is a long-term one. In fact, the coordinator commits to a period of around 6 months, the time it takes to get to know the project and understand its organization and objectives. A background in management studies is an important prerequisite for selection, but the most important thing is motivation. It is possible to apply for an internship, to carry out an assignment as part of a Service Civique program, or simply to apply as a volunteer.

One of the strengths and dynamics of the CooperarPeru project is the monthly, if not weekly, evolution of the team's components. Profiles from all over the world, working in different sectors, come to contribute their knowledge and work methodologies for a few weeks. In this way, each volunteer or trainee offers the team his or her own perspective and knowledge, specific to his or her training or past experience: management, health, communication, education. CooperarPeru is all about sharing, multidisciplinarity and cross-disciplinarity.

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