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Our organization is on the move to improve the quality of assistance for our beneficiaries such as: children and their families from high Andean communities in the Cusco region of Peru. To live the Cooperar Perú experience, there are several options. You can join us as a volunteer, intern or civic service. 

Today, we carry out projects in various strategic areas such as education, health, community development, ecology and fair trade. All this through our financing of sustainable tourism, which we have today as a great strategic ally in the fight against extreme poverty in vulnerable areas.

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A typical day as a volunteer

  • Before 3pm: free time. 
  • 3pm to 4:15pm: the project opens, you help the children brush their teeth and wash their hands, after which you help them with their homework. 
  • 4.15pm to 4.45pm: English classes.
  • 4.45pm to 5pm: free time for children to play and have fun.
  • From 5pm to 6pm: activities with the children.
  • From 6 to 6:30 pm: meal with all the children and a small circle to thank everyone.
  • 6:30pm: end of the day. 

In addition to the volunteer program, we offer international students the chance to develop their skills and professional experience with Cooperar Perú in the organization's various fields of action. Our aim is to strengthen children's development and effort at school, provide families with appropriate health information and help them develop themselves, the community and the environment in which they live. Trainees can apply to the organization according to their interests and the specifics of their university. In the field of work for which they have applied, they will have the chance to improve their specialist knowledge in collaboration with professionals, and to participate in the organization's social intervention. They will also gain an insight into the administration and management of a Peruvian NGO.

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  • Markets to eat near Lucrepata: San Blas, San Pedro, Rosaspata. Near Confraternidad: on the right as you leave the house. 
  • DDiner every Thursday.
  • Good places to eat: Pizzeria Mardu, King of Kebab, Greenpoint, La Bo'M, ONI sushi & bowl, avocado. 
  • To go out and partyêPlaza de Armas offers a wide range of venues. For dancing: Inka Team, Chango, Mooky, Cerveceria del Valle, el Salvaje (salsa classes every Tuesday). 
  • For coffee: Florencia and Fortuna, Valeriana, La Rabona, Xapiri. 

How to get to TankarpataYou have several options, you can take a cab which will cost you between 7 and 9 soles which means two euros, you'll have to ask for the church square (about 10-15 minutes cab) and the second option available to you is the bus for 1 sol (about 15-20 minutes) but you then have to walk for 15 minutes. 

How to get to Huaypo : You'll need to take the bus at 12:30 p.m. from the Belenpampa bus stop for an hour and a half. It goes to Urubamba and costs around 4 soles, otherwise there are collectivos which are faster and cost 8 soles. Then you'll have to walk to the project (15-20 minutes).

In terms of timetables, you need to be in Tankarpata by 3pm or in Huaypo by 2pm every afternoon of the week as planned. The Huaypo project finishes at 5pm, and Tankarpata at around 6:30pm. Every week, we hold a meeting with all Tankarpata volunteers on Fridays at 2pm. And if you're a trainee, we'll meet every Monday from 10 to 11 a.m.




  • To travel to Peru, we recommend you buy flights that can be modified or flexible in the event of damage. We also advise you to fly with local Peruvian airlines such as JetSmart Perú, LATAM Perú, Viva Air Perú, Sky Airline Perú, ATSA Airlines or Star Perú.
  • We're a flexible organization, so you can book directlyèby sending just a photo of yourself and your passport at no extra cost. 
  • We also encourage you to purchase a package on sitewith Peruvian telephone operators such as Movistar Movil, Claro Movil, Bitel Movil or Entel Movil. 

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