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We work with volunteers of all nationalities and with young graduate students with different academic backgrounds. To take part in the volunteer program, you don't have to be a student or have a job directly related to the social or educational environment. The main criterion for selection is a desire to collaborate, to work and to contribute new ideas. However, we may sometimes be looking for profiles with very specific skills (communications, marketing, web design, etc.). So don't hesitate to contact us with your skills, whatever your sector of activity.

qualities you can develop

Working with the Tankarpata community and its children is no easy task, and requires many qualities. It starts with being tolerant and not having any preconceived ideas: to get the best out of a new culture, you need to be open-minded first and foremost. Next, it's essential to set an example for the children, most of whom live in difficult conditions and have not received an education similar to yours. Within the project, it is highly appreciated to be proactive, anticipating requests and taking the initiative. By committing to CooperarPeruúyou can develop qualities that will serve you throughout your life.

internships and volunteering: what's the difference?

Doing an internship at CooperarPerú is not the same as coming as a pure volunteer. A graduate internship lasts around 3 months, while some volunteers commit "only" a few weeks. What's more, an intern has to work at a higher hourly rate (first thing in the morning) than a volunteer (who is mobilized only in the afternoons). As a result, the responsibilities offered to a trainee are inherently greater. Some interns can even take on a project of their own for the duration of their internship. Of course, as a volunteer, you're still in control of your own involvement, so you can invest just as much as an intern. In short, if you want to make your mark on the project, whether as an intern or a volunteer, you're more than welcome.

places and times

La communauté de Tankarpata is located at an altitude of 3380 meters, 20 minutes from the center of Cusco. We work Monday-Friday from 3pm to 7pm. We have free time on Saturdays and Sundays. Every Thursday, we meet to plan the following week's program.

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