The Yanapasunchis program

What is the yanapasunchis program?

The program YANAPASUNCHISmeaning "We'll help" in Quechua, is the roadmap for determining 3 major fields of action dans lesquels intervient CooperarPerúThese three pillars are self-sustaining and form the objectives the organization has set itself since its creation to help the Tankarpata community.



The Takarpata tutoring center is at the heart of the project. Anticipating school failure, reducing attention deficit, improving academic performance and personal development through activities are the main objectives to be achieved. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, the various spaces made available to the children enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in a fun, cooperative and free way. The presence of international volunteers and interns also enables them to discover new cultures and ways of thinking, while sharing and learning to value their own.



Access to quality healthcare services has a direct impact on the development and quality of life of every individual. That's why we've decided to make health one of our main areas of action. We help communities develop essential hygiene habits, for themselves and their children, to prevent disease and infection. We also encourage and facilitate access to health services for Cusco's isolated communities, and organize medical and awareness campaigns.


community development

Uniting the community and developing joint projects is also a way of improving local life for the people of Tankarpata. We promote community development by organizing meetings to bring families together and provide emotional support, we improve and develop local infrastructures, we help women to be more independent and provide for their families, and we raise awareness of ecological issues. The idea is to support rural families by giving them the opportunity to work and live in a productive and respected environment.

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