our story

2010 - the genesis of the project

Eduardo Wilver Huaynamarca, a student at the Faculty of Communication at Cuzco's San Antonio Abad University, developed his first project to help children in the disadvantaged community of Tankarpata. This district, located 20 minutes from Cuzco's historic center, suffers from a series of handicaps that keep the local population in a precarious state of poverty. Families have neither sewage nor drinking water, many parents dropped out of school early and are unable to support their children in their education, and some families are plagued by alcoholism, which leads to violence and abuse. Eduardo's aim is to help them by providing healthy educational environments for their children.

2011 - cooperarperú becomes an ngo

The idea grew and changed: at the end of 2011, the simple university project became a non-profit civil association and took the name CooperarPerú. A first school is created in Tankarpata to welcome the community's children, and a hostel is set up to accommodate volunteers and raise the funds needed to develop ever more ambitious projects. The NGO broadened its scope of action and now welcomes volunteers from all over the world. The Tankarpata tutoring center welcomes over 50 children, aged 4 to 15.

2018 - the pandemic paralyzes the organization

COVID-19 crisis hits the world and freezes CooperarPeru's operationsú The community of Tankarpata is piling up problems. In Peru, all the country's schools are closing down without providing children with equal access to education, and the result is a mass drop-out of schoolchildren. Unable to take on any more volunteers, the NGO reluctantly froze its projects. Strengthened by its commitment, the NGO reopened the social space dedicated to the children of Tankarpata in 2021, even before the national schools. CooperarPerubegins an unprecedented remobilization effort.

since 2021 - The resumption of activities

Cooperar Perusees its mission as more essential than ever. The community's needs have multiplied. The organization is all the more relevant in the face of the new challenges raised by the health crisis. The school support center welcomes as many children as ever, and continues to develop new services for the children and the community of Tankarpata. Seize the opportunity to join the CooperarPerú project and get involved in a useful and rewarding experience!

2022 - News projects

The year 2022 was a very productive one for Cooperar Perú. In fact, many projects have come to fruition thanks to our team. After 10 years' work in the village of Tankarpata, we decided to develop a new, similar project in the village of Laguna de Huaypo to help the children of this even more isolated community. Following on from this project, a wonderful group of scouts helped us to build ecological, 100% natural kitchens for families to raise awareness and enable them to cook.


In addition to our main projects to help children, we know that preserving nature is very important. That's why we work with César, who lives in an animal sanctuary in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, in the Pilocatphe region. Our mission is to care for the animals, feed them, treat them if necessary and, above all, prepare their reintegration into nature..

2022 - medical campaign

Health being essential, we set up a medical campaign in August 2022 with the help of a group of medical students. Our children have been able to see doctors, dentists and ophthalmologists. Thanks to them, many children no longer have toothache and can see much better. 


2022 - Botanical garden and aquaponics

On the Huaypo lagoon, we have created a botanical garden in which we do volunteer work around sustainable development. We carry out construction and gardening tasks, and also participate in the reactivation of the botanical and educational garden to help the Huaypo community and their children.aquaponics 

In addition, we built an aquaponics system, a food production system that combines water farming with hydroponics to create the most energy-efficient yields possible without polluting the water or floor.

For more information on this project, we invite you to discover our Instagram page: @cooperarperu_eco

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