our philosophy

More than just tutoring

The tutoring center is CooperarPeru's headquartersúmany of the children who come here can't read, write or even count, which is why education plays a vital role in the activities on offer. We believe that education and children are the key to development and change. However, to sum up CooperarPeru Schoolú to purely academic activities would be a mistake, as the children come not only to learn to read, but also to build values such as solidarity, tolerance, generosity, friendship and responsibility. Every day, we organize games, theater, manual and artistic activities, exchanges and expression, and a collective snack. 

Montessori, a pedagogy that makes sense

The children of Tankarpata live in precarious conditions and poverty, leading to a number of difficulties, particularly in terms of schooling (learning difficulties, recurrent lack of attention, lack of motivation for school). That's why CooperarPerú has been inspired by Montessori pedagogy since its inception, offering children open spaces and a setting more suited to fostering their curiosity and desire to learn. On-site facilities include a library, a playroom, a room for manual and artistic activities, a computer room, a kitchen, a sink for washing hands and teeth, and a first-aid area. Finally, we believe that children should also be given time to socialize and have fun, which is another form of learning.

a difficult but rewarding job

Most of the children have grown up in precarious and impoverished circumstances. These children lack the motivation to study, follow instructions, go to school and behave properly in class. So the job of accompaniment is not an easy one, and volunteering or doing an internship at CooperarPeru requires tolerance, patience, perseverance and positivity. However, helping children to develop better self-esteem and behavior is a very rewarding job.

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