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Our children don't understand strikes or politics, which is why we continue to work at Cooperar Peru.

CooperarPerú, communicated to all our future volunteers.

At the moment, our country, Peru, is going through difficult times, and demonstrations are taking place in various parts of the country. We understand the significance of these demonstrations, and we stand in solidarity with all the Peruvian people. And we know that our children don't understand strikes or politics. So we've decided to continue our work, keeping our cultural and educational centers open to continue helping. The CRUZPATA ecological and educational project in the Huaypo lagoon is open, as is the TANKARPATA project. This decision was taken because, in an assessment of the situation and the location of the organization's educational centers, there is no reason to stop helping our children as they are far from the points of demonstration. We would therefore like to inform you that our organization will remain open and functional. If your participation dates are near and you would like further information, we will be happy to help you arrange all the details of your trip and help you get to our volunteer house.    

We can also confirm that the main difficulty is that the roads linking the various cities are blocked, but that the demonstrators are letting them through at different times. Airports, on the other hand, are operating normally, and the best way to travel between major cities is by plane.  

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CooperarPerú is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that helps families in the district of Tankarpataa peasant community located 20 minutes from Cuzco's historic center. Despite its proximity to the city of Cuzco and its strong tourist potential, Tankarpata remains particularly disadvantaged, and its reality directly affects the health of families and is reflected in the academic and social development of children. CooperarPerú was created in 2010 as a result of a study project at the Faculty of Communication of Cuzco's San Antonio Abad University, with the aim of creating educational spaces for children.

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Through the program YanapasunchisCooperarPerú develops projects and campaigns in the following three key sectors: education (mastery of basic skills, personal development), health (disease prevention, hygiene and nutrition), and community development for children and their families (meetings bringing families together, improvement and/or creation of infrastructures). With a particular focus on educational and social support for children, CooperarPerú has been inspired since its inception by Montessori pedagogy, a method particularly suited to the community and its reality.

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CoopérarPerú relies on the commitment of its employees. There are many ways in which we can help the organization to achieve its goals: en becoming a volunteer time as a volunteer or on a study placement, by completing a material or financial donationstaying at the volunteer house during your stay in Cuzco or, sharing project ideasThanks to each commitment, the organization has been growing for over 10 years, and is moving ever closer to self-sufficiency.






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